Creating A Set List As A Music Performer

Your set list as a performing artiste should really be based on the audience involved . Don’t use one for all type of events and shows you attend

Davido has a song titled “ Bumbum featuring Zlatan. A Certified hit .

While that song might be great for a carnival or club appearance, it might not be ideal for a company’s end of the year dinner or wedding event .

Data is important.If you are performing at a show in a particular location , streaming data from that location can help you determine which of your songs to perform and the expected reception .

A single might be a hit in Sudan and just be catching up in Nigeria .

Your type of audience can also be an avenue to test the reception of a less popular song and weigh if more promo efforts needs to be dedicated to such track. It is not always about performing hits , it is about performing what the audience would love and resonate with .

At the end of the day , the fans must come first and putting up good shows is one of the fastest ways to build your credibility and grow your career. 💯

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